Growing up Motherless

When the girl was in class seven her mother died. This was a shock for her because she had no idea how to handle the situation. During the first two – three days there were many relatives to perform rituals and provide solace. Then one by one they went away. The young girl, her fatherContinue reading “Growing up Motherless”

In Search of Women's Health

The Mahila Jagat Lihaaz Samiti (Majlis) or Society for Respect for Women and the Earth, a collective of Dalit and Adivasi women organising action for the rights of women and environmental conservation, has initiated a programme of gynaecological health camps for women residing in slums in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The programmeContinue reading “In Search of Women's Health”

Training Manual on Gender and Reproductive Health

I have been working intensively on gender and reproductive rights and health of under privileged women in Indore city for two years now and I have published a training manual on the same based on the results of this ongoing work which can be accessed here –

Factors Affecting Nutritional levels And Their Relative Importance

The factors which affect nutrition levels are food, inheritability, genetic predisposition, clean water, sanitation, disease conditions, geography and human development etc. According to the economist Arvind Panagaria, the processes of nutritional outcomes are shaped more by food intake, inheritability of poor nutrition across generation and genetic predisposition towards a shorter stature. However, the economist SonaldeContinue reading “Factors Affecting Nutritional levels And Their Relative Importance”

A Woman Adivasi Activist Goes to Jail

Early in the morning, the police came to arrest Sursibai but they didn’t recognise her so they asked someone to find out where she was. Sursibai was on her way to fill drinking water from the hand pump in her village Jamasi in Dewas District of Madhya Pradesh in India. The people were aware aboutContinue reading “A Woman Adivasi Activist Goes to Jail”

Women Travel Ticketless to Win the World!!

On one occasion, in 1994, a group of people were going to celebrate their socio- cultural meet that was organised in Chhattisgarh in India. Around three hundred men and women set out from Dhar, Alirajpur and Barwani districts of western part of Madhya Pradesh in India. This area is known as Malwa-Nimar region in theContinue reading “Women Travel Ticketless to Win the World!!”