A Wire to the Pulse of Global Womanhood

Pulsewire has emerged as a powerful voice of global womanhood and it is indeed fitting that there are to be celebratory events to mark this much needed development. I for one have benefited immensely from the short time that I have been associated with this global feminist movement. 1) What does World Pulse/ PulseWire mean to me? Pulsewire is a forum where I can voice my opinions regarding the oppression of women and my struggles against it freely and get appreciative support for this. I had been looking around for such a feminist forum for quite some time and so once I became connected I have let my emotions, feelings and thoughts flow. It is as if a dam has burst for me. Earlier I did not get much appreciation for the work I am doing because society in India is highly patriarchal. The media here do not highlight the really core issues affecting women. 2) What brought me to World Pulse? And what has been my experience on PulseWire? I received a chance email calling for contributions regarding women’s struggles over land. Since I had myself fought with my brothers for my share of our ancestral land I joined Pulsewire and posted my story. The immediate welcoming response from Pulsewire members overwhelmed me. Going through the website I found it is a radical global movement of feminist women where I could voice my opinions freely. Even though I have always worked according to my own choices regardless of criticism from patriarchal power centres it helps when one gets appreciation also. Pulsewire makes me feel as if I am part of a massive feminine force that will overcome global patriarchy sooner than later.

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