Violence as Stimulus

Universally it has come to be accepted that Gender Based Violence is a major hurdle to women’s self realisation. The greatest tragedy is that most of this violence takes place within the home and goes unreported. In the public sphere even today a shameful aspect of most armed conflicts is the extra harm that it does to women non-combatants than men. In all such conflict areas invariably women non-combatants are systematically raped and killed. In India this happens regularly in Kashmir, the North East and now in Central India where the State Paramilitary forces are out in strength to quell a Maoist armed movement. Recently there was a huge public outcry when pictures were published of the bodies of dead women in civil dress, who were allegedly Maoist guerrillas killed by security forces in a battle, being slung on poles like cattle by the armed men while being brought back for post mortem. A gruesome video of this reprehensible and inhuman action of the security forces can be seen here –…

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