Woman of loose morals

After having finished my MPhil degree and got some freedom from rigorous studying I decided to bend my attention to doing some voluntary work to improve the bad lighting and sanitation situation prevailing in our residential colony. Our colony here in Indore is in a bad shape because the earlier elected President has defalcated funds and been sacked. He did not do any work. Now till a new board and President is elected all the community work is in limbo. So street lights were not working, men from outside were drinking at night in the colony and the septic tanks having filled up the drains were overflowing with sewage. There was no money for carrying out remedial action as the bank account is sealed for the time being. So I got the people of my colony together and we collected money from the residents and improved the lighting and sanitation and went in a delegation to the Police Station and got the drunkards from outside ejected. Now the colony is a more liveable place. However, instead of getting kudos for these efforts there is feedback that a woman should not be so active. This feedback is coming more from women in the colony than the men! One woman even told my husband jokingly that if he did not watch out then he would lose me to other men! Thus, the social stigma attached to women becoming socially active is so great that it is indeed difficult for the general run of women to do anything socially constructive.

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