The First Legal Blow against Patriarchy

In Independent India the first legal blow against patriarchy was sought by the great Dalit leader Dr B.R. Ambedkar in the form of the Hindu Code Bill which was to ensure the right to divorce and right to property to women. However, the obscurantist upper castes prevented this and so the Bill failed to beContinue reading “The First Legal Blow against Patriarchy”

The Tribals are governed by their Customary Laws

In an article, “Does Hindu Marriage Act cover ST ?” in the Indore daily news paper, Hindustan Times, Sunday , 1 July 2012 it is stated that, “tribals are governed by no law as far as their marriage and divorce are concerned”. This is a gross travesty of the truth. The Bhil and Bhilala tribalsContinue reading “The Tribals are governed by their Customary Laws”

Correct Diet for Maintaining Health

The ancient system of medicine in India called Ayurveda or knowledge of life, lays great stress on following a correct diet for maintaining health. Here I will briefly detail the various principles of Ayurvedic diet. The various characteristics of food can be identified by their tastes. Food can be classified according to tastes. Taste isContinue reading “Correct Diet for Maintaining Health”

The Bane of Alcohol in India

Strong alcoholic drinks and spirits are called liquor. The origin of liquor and its close relative liquid was the Latin verb liquere meaning to be fluid. According to the Oxford English Dictionary an early use of the word in the English language means simply a liquid. The term spirit in reference to alcohol stems fromContinue reading “The Bane of Alcohol in India”

The Tragedy of AIDS in India

AIDS ( Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome ) is a disease caused by HIV ( Human Immuno Deficiency Virus) . After HIV infection the body’s capacity to fight diseases, is weakened .When the body’s immune system is weakened then it is overcome by many diseases at the same time. At the beginning of 1986, there wereContinue reading “The Tragedy of AIDS in India”