Down with Patriarchy

Security means for me the freedom to go out and do what I like without fear of mental, sexual or physical harassment. This is a very great freedom and it is not enjoyed by many women in my country. A basic tool of patriarchal oppression is gender based violence and so it is rampant andContinue reading “Down with Patriarchy”

Standing up to Fight Alcoholism

We were sitting there, a few hundred women, gathered to discuss the reasons for our poor reproductive health. It had been revealed in a medical survey that our average haemoglobin count was 7 milligrams per decilitre instead of the 12 milligrams per decilitre that it should have been. We were talking of various medical solutionsContinue reading “Standing up to Fight Alcoholism”

What's Wrong with Catcalling Women?

I have come across an excellent exposition by Sunsara Taylor, that critiques from a Marxist perspective, the patriarchal bestiality of men – What’s Wrong with Catcalling Women? Recently a young woman asked me, “How do you explain to guys how frustrating it is to be hit on all day long? Whenever I tell themContinue reading “What's Wrong with Catcalling Women?”

Dhas Gramin Vikas Kendra on Social Impact Award short list

The work of the Dhas Gramin Vikas Kendra and its trade union wing Khedut Mazdoor Chetna Sangath has been short listed for the Times Social Impact Award 2011 –… It would be nice if members could go to this link, read about our work and click on the support button to vote for our organisation. YouContinue reading “Dhas Gramin Vikas Kendra on Social Impact Award short list”

A Tribal Hero of the Indian Freedom Movement

Generally the Tribals in India fought the most bravely against the British Colonialists. However, except for a few mostly these fighters have been ignored by mainstream historiography. One such major revolt against the British in Central India was that of Tantia Bhil . Tantia was born in Birda Village in East Nimar district, in 1842Continue reading “A Tribal Hero of the Indian Freedom Movement”

Mothers and daughters give voice to tribal problems

There are at least 15 tribal women and girls reporting from Bastar and other areas of Chhattisgarh state in India. SARADA LAHANGIR describes the march of the citizen journalists in this article below Posted Thursday, Feb 24, 2011 Womens Feature Service Government officials had claimed that wages had been paid to those working on theContinue reading “Mothers and daughters give voice to tribal problems”

Offer of Gold instead of Empowerment for Women

A news report in a daily here in Indore recently said that the government had announced gold coins would be given by lottery to those women who underwent the sterilisation operation. The pressure on the administration to meet sterilisation targets set by the government has forced them to announce such sops. Very much like someContinue reading “Offer of Gold instead of Empowerment for Women”

Planning for Women's Issues

The Planning Commission of India has launched a website ( to invite contributions from the general public for preparing the approach paper for the forthcoming 12th Five Year Plan ( 2012-2017). Many topics have been put up for discussion. However, two crucial issues with regard to women were not there. I have now submitted themContinue reading “Planning for Women's Issues”

A Futile Ten Years of the Save the Girl Child Programme

The latest Indian Census data for 2011 shows that the female to male sex ratio has once again gone down over the last decade in the same way as it had done in the two earlier censuses in 1991 and 2001. Most people in society do not believe that there is any shortage of females.Continue reading “A Futile Ten Years of the Save the Girl Child Programme”